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Water Softeners: starting at $880 plus tax

A water softener can protect your investment in your home/business by:

  • Reducing soap scum on bathroom fixtures
  • Eliminating spots on glassware, dishes, and flatware
  • Conditioning water that leaves sinks and toilet bowls cleaner longer
  • Heating water more efficiently
  • Prolonging the life of appliances


Adding a water softener also leaves skin and hair softer and smoother and clothes brighter, all while using less soap and detergent!

Reserve Osmosis: starting at $560 plus tax

A reverse osmosis drinking water system delivers contaminant free, better tasting water directly to your home/business.

Reverse osmosis improves your drinking water by:

  • Removing contaminants like lead, arsenic, and iron that other filters may miss
  • Delivering better tasting water
  • Providing better flavor for making coffee and/or tea


Adding a reverse osmosis drinking water system offers clean, tasty drinking water with convenience and ease without the bottled-water expense and waste!


Whole House Filtration: starting at $250 plus tax

A whole house water filtration system improves water quality to every faucet in your home/business by:

  • Removing contaminants like chlorine that can damage skin, hair, and appliances
  • Delivering better tasting water
  • Providing better flavor for making coffee and/or tea


Adding a whole house water filtration system delivers clean, better tasting water and removes damaging chlorine!

Salt Delivery

Regularly schedule water softener salt delivery supports your water quality system by:

  • Providing convenient salt replacement and service for your softener system
  • Eliminating the need to check salt levels
  • Detecting salt bridging or other maintenance issues


Adding water softener salt deliveries brings conditioned water to your home/business conveniently!


Water Works offers plumbing repair in addition to water quality services, including:

  • Small to medium plumbing jobs
  • Plumbing fixture repair or replacement

Water Softener System Sanitization

Water softener system sanitization improves the function of your water softener by:

  • Cleaning the water softener system
  • Eliminating bacteria buildup inside the water softener system

Bottle-free Water Coolers

Bottle-free water coolers deliver the benefits of a water cooler without the hassle by:

  • Eliminating the waste and need for storage of bottles
  • Removing the lugging of bottles
  • Eliminating the hassle of handling out heavy water bottles
  • Preventing the water supply from running out


Adding a bottle-free water cooler to your home or business offers cool, clean drinking water without all of the hassle and waste of water bottles!

Water Softener Media Rebedding

Water softener media rebedding extends the life of your water softener system by:

  • Rebuilding water softener internal components
  • Eliminating the need to replace the whole softener
  • Avoiding replacement of the water softener system

Brine Reclaim for Commercial Applications

Brine reclaim for commercial applications provides significant savings for customers by:

  • Recycling brine water
  • Using up to 30% less softener salt
  • Saving costs and waste


Adding brine reclaim to your commercial water softener system will save your business money and reduce environmental waste!